R/C USB Troubleshooting

Some learning to benefit from!:

Transmitter mode

This is the most common problem. Make sure your transmitter is in PPM mode. Some transmitters have to be switched off and back on for this to take effect.

Also some transmitters have to be set into 'Student mode' - e.g. FX18


Automatic power up from connector:

This does not work for all Futaba models
If you get no signal try switching the transmitter on (with the crystal removed)

Transmitter Switch On

Please note a general rule when using transmitters with interfaces. If you have to use the transmitter switch to activate the transmitter (i.e. it is not automatically activated by inserting the buddy lead) then you must either remove the crystal or transmitter module. This is to both extend battery life and to prevent overheating of the output transistor when operated for extended periods with the aerial down.


The first test should be to go to Start>Control Panel>Game Controllers>double click R/C>click 'test' tab. You should see in Windows XP (other systems may only show two of the four right hand bars):

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