Rugby Clock

Exact time all the time! This project receives and decodes the time signal generated by the atomic clock at the National Physics Laboratory and transmitted from Rugby. It uses an attractive alphanumeric display and/or can send the data to a PC via a serial link. PC software displays the information in the same form as the alphanumeric display and can also update the PC date and time.

Maplin Electronics issue 113 May 1997


Display of time and date on a 40x2 alphanumeric display.

Thorough data checking and automatic switching to internal timebase when signal is lost.

Sends the data to a PC.

Update PC settings with push of a button.

9600 baud serial transmission.

Component Schedule
Rugby Clock
Parts available from author:
PIC Demo/Rugby PCB
Receiver Module PCB


Clock PIC
PC software
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2PCBs, PIC, PC software via PayPal inc. UK post £31.50: