R/C USB Joystick Interface Setup

Before your start

Please note a general rule when using transmitters with interfaces. If you have to use the transmitter switch to activate the transmitter (i.e. it is not automatically activated by inserting the buddy lead) then you must either remove the crystal or transmitter module. This is to both extend battery life and to prevent overheating of the output transistor when operated for extended periods with the aerial down.

Now this is easy!

1] Disconnect the interface from the PC.

2] Connect your transmitter to the interface and ensure it is sending code down the buddy lead.

3] Set the transmitter sticks to mid position. Ensure there is just one channel driven by each movement i.e. use a straight setup without any mixing etc and switch any 'rates' switches off.

4] Press the setup button on the interface and while pressed connect the USB lead.

5] Once connected release the setup button.

6] Now move the transmitter sticks in order:

  • Rudder - right full then back to neutral
  • Throttle - down fully then back to middle
  • Aileron - right full then back to neutral
  • Elevator - down fully then all is done

You can have the PC game controllers 'properties' visible while you do this and you will see each axis start to respond after the appropriate stick has been moved.

7] Check all works as it should in Start>Settings>Control panel> and click Gaming Options, select 'R/C' controller and click 'properties'.

Note: any additional channels will appear as buttons. For greater than 8 channels the buttons will respond to channels 5, 6, 7 and last. With the revised firmware the throttle and rudder data is each sent in two formats to extend compatability to more programs - so in WXP you will see 6 analogue channels with 4 operating as two pairs. The additional channels do not show up in W98 - but are there.

Windows calibration is not required to run with FMS, which has its own procedure. You may wish to do this for use with other software. Please do not run the Windows calibration until the four axes are working properly.

More Detail on the Setup

When you plug in the interface is setup mode the interface does the following:

Check for any channels that are set to more than 75% or less than 25%. These must be switch channels and not the main controls so ignore.

Now look for any channel that is >75% or <25%. When one is seen set this as rudder (the first to be moved) and since the rudder is moved right set the correct direction.

Now look at the remaining channels for any that is >75% or <25%. When one is seen set this as throttle - and set direction.

It then does the same checks to set aileron and elevator.

You might find it useful to have the 'test' page open as you go through the procedure. Once the rudder is detected you can move it freely and the proper bar should move. Then when the throttle is detected you can see it respond and so on.

Happy flying.