R/C USB Joystick

At last a R/C transmitter to PC interface that uses the USB port and appears as a 4 axis 4 button joystick.

You can use your transmitter for most software that can use a Joystick (e.g. FMS, Aerofly, Aerofly Pro, Easyfly, Pre-flight, Piccofly, RC Simulator).

Now with revised firmware to extend compatability to Pre-Flight and Realflight G2 (not Interlink).

This interface is 'plug and play'. The PC drivers are part of W98, ME, 2000, XP and the interface has a really simple setup.

This interface has a feature, not present in others, which allows you to simply select which axis is interpreted as X and Y and rudder and throttle. This can be reset at any time. It even adds a 5th channel/button for 4 channel sets (using the setup button).


Uses standard Windows Drivers.
Appears as a 4 axis 4 button Joystick.
Interface setup remembers elevator/ aileron/ throttle/ rudder channels and direction.
Additional channels (up to 4) appear as buttons.
Adds 5th channel as a button to 4 channel sets using the setup button.
Interface Setup
Transmitter Setup
FMS Setup
How it works

System requirements:

Windows 98 or later.
Min. 4 channel transmitter.

Freeware Simulators:

R/C USB Interface

R/C USB Joystick Interface inc UK P&P
Includes leads. Please specify Transmitter connector required.
£39.00 (cheque)
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All countries - Pay £42 via PayPal: Transmitter Connection