Embedded Internet Development

It is now possible to link any electronic device to the internet at reasonable cost. The circuit board below is a web server which is both able to insert live information into a web page and respond to actions (e.g. pressing button) by the viewer. It is just 170 x 95mm in size, consumes 0.3W power, and is running the Microchip TCP/IP stack. It shows how easily one can setup two way flow of data/commands to everyday electronic items. An example application would be "I am going home early, so I will log onto my house heating and turn it on for when I get in".


This site demonstrates the possibilities of embedding web server capabilities into everyday electronic devices. The hardware is a board 170 x 95mm with a Microchip PIC18F452 40 pin microcontroller, 16 x 2 display, and 'Packet Whacker' ethernet interface from EDTP Electronics. This board has identical functionality to the Microchip PICDEM.net board and is running the Microchip TCP/IP Stack firmware.

Click the image to log on to the board (will not be running most of the time).

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