Model Speed Control

A masterpiece of software design controls model motors with a high frequency, smooth pulse width control in steps of 20us. This controller also includes comprehensive safety features.

Maplin Electronics issue 123 March 1998


32 proportional speed settings.
High frequecy (1.8 KHz) smooth control.
1-2ms control input.
Battery Eliminator Circuit.
Slows down motor when set minimum battery voltage is reached.
Checks battery voltage 400 times a second.
Arm Switch.
Audible tone on initial arming.
Only allows motor to start after throttle set to zero.

Model Speed Control
Parts available from author:
Speed PCB
box drilled as fig6
X1 resonator


Speed PIC
SPP80N03S2L-05 (ea)
Complete kit
post + packing
Please email before order
in case costs have changed

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