F3F Timer

I designed this so a contest director could also participate in a F3F race. This unit is now in use in the UK, germany, USA, Australia and Spain.

Full F3F contest management:
Large character LCD backlit display.
Crystal controlled computer timer.
Buzzers in hand controls and connected to display.
Separate button for 'out of circuit' (A base)
60sec countdown for pilot (get ready).
30sec countdown during gain height, with pips at 20, 10 and last 5 seconds. Alarm if overrun.
Counts laps.
Double beep before last lap.
Displays time and fastest lap.
Dumps time data down a serial link to PC/Handheld. Sorry only have Amstrad Notepad programme to process this.
F3F Timer
Available as complete unit (minus battery and 100m leads) made to order.
All countries: complete unit as above
- Please pay £250.00 via PayPal: